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Journal of Intensive Care is an open access journal encompassing all aspects of intensive care medicine, such as intensive and critical care, trauma and surgical intensive care, pediatric intensive care, acute and emergency medicine, perioperative medicine, resuscitation, infection control and organ dysfunction. In addition, the journal encourages submissions considering the different cultural aspects of intensive care practice.


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  1. Review

    Venomous snake bites: clinical diagnosis and treatment

    Toru Hifumi, Atsushi Sakai, Yutaka Kondo, Akihiko Yamamoto, Nobuya Morine, Manabu Ato, Keigo Shibayama, Kazuo Umezawa, Nobuaki Kiriu, Hiroshi Kato, Yuichi Koido, Junichi Inoue, Kenya Kawakita and Yasuhiro Kuroda

    Published on: 1 April 2015

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Featured article: red cell transfusions in critically ill children

This study showed RBC transfusion to be an important risk factor that is independent of severity in critical children. The transfusions that seem to associate most with mortality happen after that first 24–48 h.

Featured article: muscle regional oxygen saturation index

rSO2 might facilitate detection for patients at risk of serious complications. Our findings suggest that forearm skeletal muscle rSO2 differs in patients with severe CAP according to outcome and might be an early prognosis tool.

Society affiliation

Journal of Intensive Care is the official journal of the Japanese Society of Intensive Care Medicine (JSICM). JSICM was founded in 1974 and aims to support and advance intensive care medicine, which is the last resort for life preservation and treatment of critically ill patients.

Editors' profiles

Satoshi Gando, Editor-in-Chief

Dr Satoshi Gando is currently a Professor and Chairman of the Division of Acute and Critical Care Medicine, Department of Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine at the Hokkaido University Graduate School of Medicine, Sapporo, Japan. He is also Director of the Critical Center, which includes the emergency room and intensive care unit at Hokkaido University Hospital.

Hiroshi Morisaki, Deputy Editor

Dr Hiroshi Morisaki is currently Professor and Chair of the Department of Anesthesiology at Keio University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan. He also serves as the Director of the General Intensive Care Unit, Keio University Hospital.