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Table 2 Barriers and risks of the implementation of the palliative care in the intensive care unit

From: Primary palliative care recommendations for critical care clinicians

Barriers References
Critical care clinicians are not aware of the palliative care needs of ICU patients due to competing demand
Inadequate palliative care screening for ICU patients
Difficulty in communicating adequately with the patient's family at the right time
Clinician concerns regarding palliative care hastening death
Inadequate palliative care training for ICU medical staff
Palliative care staff unavailability
Patient/family misconception of palliative care
Time and cost to train critical care clinicians for the palliative care
Risks References
Increasing post-traumatic stress disorder in the patient’s surrogates when discussing about the patient’s prognosis
Given the baseline severity of illnesses, harmful consequences from medical errors in patients receiving palliative care may be harder to identify
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