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Table 1 Characteristics of the studies included in the meta-analysis

From: Decreased urinary uromodulin is potentially associated with acute kidney injury: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Reference (Year) Country Study type Age AKI definition
Increase in
Measurement Methods Assay time Inclusion patients Renal disease of Non-AKI group
Ashwani [24] (2017) USA Prospective retrospective cohort study 56 (50–62) Scr > 50% and/or > 0.3 mg/dL from baseline within 3 m uUMOD/Cr MSD During the AKI Adult patients with liver cirrhosis listed for LT Partly
Askenazi [12] (2012) USA Nested case–control study Newborns Scr > 0.3 mg/dL within 48 h or a persistent rise in Scr to ≥ 1.7 mg/dL within 3 days after birth uUMOD MSD The first 4 days Neonatal intensive care unit ND
Askenazi [21] (2016) USA Cohort study Infants KIDGO uUMOD MSD first 4 days VLBW infants ND
Michael [19]
USA prospective study Non-AKI 3.9 (0.7–6.6); AKI 1.8(0.5–5.3) Scr > 50%pre-procedural baseline within no 48 h, post-surgery + modified KDIGO uUMOD ELISA Before LT surgery Patients < 18 years of age undergoing cardiac surgery with CPB ND
Sweetman [20] (2016) Ireland Cohort study Infants Scr-based neonatal modification of 2012 KDIGO uUMOD MSD Exposed to PA on days 1, 2, 3 and 7 of life Infants exposed to perinatal
Bullen [23] (2019) USA Cohort study Non-AKI 73(9), AKI 74(10) ND uUMOD MSD Baseline Systolic BP Intervention Trial subjects CKD
Romero [27] (2002) Argentina Case–control trial Non-AKI 31(16–60); AKI 40(19–67) Scr to values > 130umol/L 24 h-uUMOD ELISA After surgery Liver transplant patients ND
Dehne [29] (1998) Germany Case–control trial AKI (36.3 ± 9.8); Non-AKI (37.7 ± 16.9) ND 24 h-uUMOD ELISA The begining five days of AKI Intensive care unit patients ND
Jeremy [28] (1993) UK Case–control trial Adults ATN was defined by a rise in serum creatinine level in the absence of histological evidence of rejection in an allograft biopsy. AR: diagnosed on the basis of physical findings, renal functional parameters and allograft biopsy uUMOD ELISA After surgery Patients in end-stage renal failure who received kidney transplants ESRD
Pranav S [25]
USA Cohort study 68.1 ± 11.3 Scr ≥ 0.3 mg/dl or .1.5 times the preoperative value during the first 72 h after surgery uUMOD/Cr ELISA Before surgery Adults scheduled
to undergo on–pump cardiac surgery
Tara K [26] (2010) USA Case–control trial AR 12 ± 5; Non-AKI 14 ± 5 AR: diagnosed by the Banff criteria uUMOD ELISA After surgery Patients who received kidney transplants ND
  1. AKI acute kidney injury, AR acute rejection, ATN acute tubular necrosis, CKD chronic kidney disease, ELISA enzyme linked immunosorbent assay, IQR interquartile range, KIDIGO kidney disease improving global outcomes, MSD meso scale discovery, ND no data, Scr serum creatinine, uUMOD urinary uromodulin, VLBW very low birth weight