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Table 3 Correlation between biceps brachii and rectus femoris muscle atrophy and physical functions at ICU discharge

From: Upper limb muscle atrophy associated with in-hospital mortality and physical function impairments in mechanically ventilated critically ill adults: a two-center prospective observational study

  ICU discharge (n = 27)
  r p value
Biceps brachii muscle   
 Medical Research Council score 0.47 0.01
 Handgrip strength 0.50 0.01
 ICU Mobility Scale 0.35 0.07
 Functional Status Score for the ICU 0.56 < 0.01
Rectus femoris muscle   
 Medical Research Council score 0.46 0.02
 Handgrip strength 0.62 < 0.01
 ICU Mobility Scale 0.32 0.11
 Functional Status Score for the ICU 0.56 < 0.01
  1. Pearson correlation coefficient was used to assess the correlations