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Table 2 Cost-effectiveness results for sepsis interventions

From: Health economic evaluations of sepsis interventions in critically ill adult patients: a systematic review

 Cost/LS (2018 USD)Cost/LYG (2018 USD)Cost/QALY (2018 USD)
Interventionn (%)Rangen (%)Rangen (%)Range
Antibiotic therapies1 (20%)$70,663/LS2 (40%)$5,797/LYG to $25,565/LYG1 (20%)$39,944/QALY
Fluid therapies1 (50%)$8,211/LS1 (50%)Dominant to $839/LYG0 (0%)Not reported
Procalcitonin algorithms0 (0%)Not reported0 (0%)Not reported2 (67%)Dominant
Immunoglobulin therapies1 (50%)$15,738/LS0 (0%)Not reported1 (50%)$34,362/QALY
EGDT or other sepsis protocol3 (38%)Dominant to $80,852/LS3 (38%)$5,787/LYG to $14,981/LYG5 (63%)Dominant to $21,691/QALY
Pathogen identification1 (25%)$16,789/LS0 (0%)Not reported2 (50%)$2,199/QALY to Dominated
Other therapies1 (50%)$4,029/LS0 (0%)Not reported1 (50%)$34,984/QALY
Interventions no longer in clinical practice
 Drotecogin alfa (activated)3 (23%)$79,418/LS to $233,600/LS10 (77%)$2,696/LYG to $48,618/LYG9 (69%)$3,901/QALY to $71,248/QALY
 Monoclonal antibodies4 (57%)$24,719/LS to $379,579/LS3 (43%)$2,679/LYG to $1,830,283/LYG0 (0%)Not reported
  1. EGDT early goal directed therapy, LS life saved, LYG life years gained, QALY quality-adjusted life year, USD United States dollar