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Table 3 Predictive Score for pediatric long-stay patients (score ≥ 3)

From: Long-stay pediatric patients in Japanese intensive care units: their significant presence and a newly developed, simple predictive score

 Odds ratio(95% CI)Score
Reasons for admission
 Post CPR4.60(2.75–7.68)1
 Circulatory disorder2.11(1.34–3.31)1
Disease category
 Liver dysfunction (non-post operation)9.24(5.55–15.38)2
 Post-operative management of liver transplantation4.31(2.58–7.20)1
 CHD (non-post operation)2.44(1.18–5.04)1
 Lung tissue disease (pneumonia)1.80(1.15–2.80)1
Other factors
 PIM2 ≥ 110.97(6.62–18.19)2
 Age < 2 years1.60(1.23–2.08)1
 PCPC ≥2 before admission1.36(1.03–1.79)1
  1. CHD congenital heart disease, CI confidence interval, CPR cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, PCPC Pediatric Cerebral Performance Category, PIM2 Pediatric Index of Mortality 2