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Table 1 Summary of EIT measures and descriptions introduced in this review

From: Clinical implication of monitoring regional ventilation using electrical impedance tomography

EIT measures Description
Tidal impedance variation (TIV) Impedance change during a tidal breath, the difference of impedance between end-inspiration and end-expiration
Regional respiratory system compliance Regional compliance calculated by dividing regional TIV by driving pressure
Overdistension and atelectasis/collapse (ODCL) Affected area by overdistension or collapse representing reduced compliance by PEEP trial
Center of ventilation (CoV) Vertical shift of the ventilation distribution along the gravitational axis
Global inhomogeneity index (GI index) Spatial extent and dispersion in distribution of tidal breath, the overall degree of spatial heterogeneity of ventilation
Regional ventilation delay (RVD) Temporal delay in distribution of inspired air to reach a certain impedance change
Intratidal gas distribution (ITV) Changes in fraction of regional TIV with time course during inspiration