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Table 1 Extracellular vesicles

From: Role of extracellular vesicles in the development of sepsis-induced coagulopathy

  Apoptotic body Exosome Microvesicle
Membrane Plasma membrane Endosome membrane Plasma membrane
Size 0.5–5 μm 0.03–0.15 μm 0.1–5 μm
Biogenesis Cellular disassembly/fragmentation Endocytosis→exocytosis Budding→shedding
of plasma membrane
Functions Suppression in inflammation Cell-to-cell communication Cell-to-cell communication
Surface markers Phosphatidylserine CD63, CD81, CD9, etc. Adhesion molecules, tissue factor
Contents Fragmented DNA, organelle mRNA, miRNA DAMPs (histones, HMGB1, etc.), proteases (MMP, CK18), etc.
Density Unknown 1.10–1.14 g/mL 1.12–1.20 g/mL
  1. mRNA messenger RNA, miRNA micro RNA, DAMP damage-associated molecular pattern, HMGB1 high-mobility group box 1, MMP matrix metalloproteinase, CK18 cytokeratin 18