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Table 1 Classification of airway in ICU

From: Difficult tracheal intubation in critically ill

Anatomically difficult airway Physiologically difficult airway Anatomically as well as physiologically difficult airway
A. Difficult bag mask ventilation 1. Neurophysiologic derangement (raised intracranial pressure) • A + (any of physiological derangement 1....8)
B. Difficult supraglottic device placement 2. Cardiovascular derangement (derangements of preload, afterload, contractility or rhythm) • B + (any of physiological derangement 1....8)
C. Difficult intubation 3. Respiratory derangement (hypoxemia and hypercarbia) • C + (any of physiological derangement 1....8)
D. Difficult surgical airway 4. Hepatic derangement (raised intracranial pressure and coagulopathy) • D + (any of physiological derangement 1....8)
  5. Renal derangement (encephalopathy, pulmonary oedema, hyperkalemia and metabolic acidosis)  
  6. Gut derangement (raised intra-abdominal pressure, abdominal compartment syndrome)  
  7. Severe sepsis (lactic acidosis, distributive shock multiple organ dysfunction)