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Fig. 1

From: The role of contact system in septic shock: the next target? An overview of the current evidence

Fig. 1

Illustrates the contact system from protein and proteinase interactions until the final action of bradykinin on its receptors, as well as the mechanism by which it influences the coagulation cascade. Note not only the bradykinin but also its product after being transformed by kininase are agonists at the bradykinin-1-receptor. Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) also influences the system by being the bradykinin inactivating substance. Please refer to the text for further details. [FXII factor XII, FXIIa activated factor XII, PP plasma prekallikrein, PK plasma kallikrein, HMWK high molecular weight kininogen, BK bradykinin, dABK desArg9-bradykinin, ACE angiotensin converting enzyme, AT I angiotensin I, AT II angiotensin II, B1R bradykinin-1-receptor, B2R bradykinin-2-receptor]

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