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Table 1 Summary of trauma-induced coagulopathy (cited from [21])

From: Acute traumatic coagulopathy and trauma-induced coagulopathy: an overview

1 Physiological changes
 • Hemostasis and wound healing
2 Pathological changes
 • Endogenously induced primary pathologies
   o Disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC)
   • Activation of coagulation
   • Insufficient anticoagulation mechanisms
   • Increased fibrin(ogen)olysis (early phase)
   • Suppression of fibrinolysis (late phase)
   • Consumption coagulopathy
   o Acute coagulopathy trauma-shock (ACOTS)
   • Activated protein C-mediated suppression of coagulation
   • Activated protein C-mediated increased fibrinolysis
 • Exogenously induced secondary pathologies that modify DIC and ACOTS
   o Anemia-induced coagulopathy
   o Hypothermia-induced coagulopathy
   o Acidosis-induced coagulopathy
   o Dilutional coagulopathy
   o Others