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Table 2 The levels of circulating nucleosomes on admission in relation to the severity of acute pancreatitis and among survivors and non-survivors

From: Circulating nucleosomes as predictive markers of severe acute pancreatitis

  Nucleosome level (AU)
Mild 0.005 (0.002–0.14)
Moderately severe 0.09 (0.03–0.32)
Severe 0.30 (0.18–0.45)
  p value <0.001a
Survivors 0.09 (0.02–0.27)
Non-survivors 0.38 (0.19–0.77)
  p value = 0.019b
  1. All numerical data are median (interquartile range)
  2. AU absorbance unit
  3. aJonckheere-Terpstra for trend
  4. bMann-Whitney U test