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Table 1 Comparison of domains about quality indicators for palliative care

From: Quality indicators of palliative care for cardiovascular intensive care

Clarke et al. [34] National Quality Forum [35] Hamatani et al. [37] Mizuno et al. [38]
Patient and family-centered decision making Structure and processes of care Structure and process of disease care Presence of palliative care team
Communication within the team and with patients and families Physical aspects of care Appropriate HF treatment and care Patient family relationship
Continuity of care Psychological and psychiatric aspects of care Total pain management Multidisciplinary team approach
Emotional and practical support for patients and families Physical aspects of care Decision support and ethical issue management Policy to approach patients
Symptom management and comfort care Spiritual, religious, and existential aspects of care   Symptom screening and management
Spiritual support for patients and families Ethical and legal aspects of care   Presence of ethical committee
Emotional and organizational support for intensive care unit clinicians Care of the patient at the end of life   Collecting and providing information for decision-maker
  Social aspects of care   Determination of treatment strategy and the sharing of their decision
    Outcome measures