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Table 4 Sensitivity analysis in the estimation of the mortality risk for distinct definitions of culture positivity

From: The association between culture positivity and long-term mortality in critically ill surgical patients

Distinct definitions of culture positivity aHR* (95%CI)
 At least one pathogen (main finding) 1.56 (1.38–1.76)
 At least two pathogens 1.94 (1.66–2.26)
 At least three pathogens 1.97 (1.71–2.27)
Culture sites
 At least one site (main finding) 1.56 (1.39–1.75)
 At least two sites 1.99 (1.72–2.30)
 At least three sites 2.38 (2.00–2.82)
  1. *Adjusted covariates including variables listed in Table 3. aHR adjusted hazard ratio, CI confidence interval