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Table 1 Characteristics and clinical data of participants

From: Validity of an under-mattress sensor for objective sleep measurement in critically ill patients: a prospective observational study

Total n = 11Number or median% or IQR
Male, n872.7
Age, year70.067.5 to 77.0
APACHE II on admission18.015.5 to 22.5
Medical, n1 (septic shock)9.1
Perioperative, n1090.0
 Hepatic resection1 
 Emergency3 (all cardiovascular) 
Length of MV, day2.01.5 to 8.5
Length of ICU stay, day7.05.5 to 13.0
28-day survival, n1090.9
Condition on sleep measurement
ICU day (day of admission = 1)5.04.0 to 5.8
MV with intubation, n436.4
Sedatives, n545.5
Sleep agent, n545.5
Maximum RASS  
 Daytime (06:00–20:59)0.0− 1.0 to 0.0
 Nighttime (21:00–05:99)− 1.0− 1.0 to − 0.5
Delirium, n327.3
  1. Abbreviations: IQR 25–75% interquartile range, MV mechanical ventilation, RASS Richmond Agitation–Sedation Scale