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Table 2 SUP criteria used in the ICU

From: Impact of the stress ulcer prophylactic protocol on reducing the unnecessary administration of stress ulcer medications and gastrointestinal bleeding: a single-center, retrospective pre-post study

Major adaptation criteria, at least one of the following
 Coagulopathy (platelets < 50 × 103/mm3 and/or APTT < 50% and/or PT-INR ≥ 1.5)
 Mechanical ventilation for more than 48 h
 A history of UGIB within 1 year
 Glasgow Coma Scale ≤ 10
 Thermal injuries to > 35% of their body surface area
 Post partial hepatectomy
 Multiple trauma (Injury Severity Score ≥ 16) [10]
 Transplantation patients
 Hepatic failure
 Spinal cord injury
Minor adaptation criteria, at least two of the following
 ICU stay for more than 7 days
 Occult bleeding lasting 6 days or more
 Corticosteroids (> 250 mg/day of hydrocortisone or the equivalent)
Exclusion criteria: SUP is not required if one of the following
 Enteral nutrition has been already administered
 Early exit from the ICU is expected
  1. APTT activity of activated partial thromboplastin time, PT-INR prothrombin time international normalized ratio