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Table 2 Number of patients with each unfavorable outcome

From: Early steroid pulse therapy among children with influenza virus-associated encephalopathy

Outcomes Number of patients (%)
Composite unfavorable outcome 104 (15.0)
 In-hospital death 9 (1.3)
 JCS ≥10 at dischargea 21 (3.0)
 Tracheostomy during hospital stay 8 (1.2)
 Mechanical ventilation at dischargea 15 (2.2)
 Enteral tube feeding at discharge 21 (3.0)
 Rehabilitation at discharge 83 (12.0)
  1. Seventy-eight patients had one unfavorable outcome; twelve patients had two; six patients had three; four patients had four; three patients had five; and one patient had six.
  2. JCS Japan Coma Scale
  3. aIncluding deceased patients