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Table 1 Composition of the two hypertonic solutions compared in the trial

From: Low-chloride- versus high-chloride-containing hypertonic solution for the treatment of subarachnoid hemorrhage–related complications: The ACETatE (A low ChloriE hyperTonic solution for brain Edema) randomized trial

  NaCl (standard treatment) group NaCl/Na-acetate (alternate treatment) group
Solution components (per dose) Sodium chloride Sodium chloride and sodium acetate
Na Concentration [%] 23.4 16.4
NaCl pre-mixed solution, 4 mEq/ml [ml] 30 20
Na-acetate pre-mixed solution, 2 mEq/ml [ml] 0 30
Volume [ml] 30 50
Sodium content [mEq/dose] 120 140
Chloride content [mEq/dose] 120 80
Acetate content [mEq/dose] 0 60