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Table 3 Prognostic performance of various disease severity scores to predict 28-day mortality

From: Role of serial lactate measurement to predict 28-day mortality in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy for perforation peritonitis: prospective observational study

ParametersAUROC (95% CI)Best cut offSpecificitySensitivity
MPI for 28-day mortality0.784 (0.637–0.931)> 1688.54%70.59%
Preoperative SOFA for 28-day mortality0.698 (0.550–0.845)> 294.79%41.18%
Preoperative qSOFA for 28-day mortality0.758 (0.632–0.885)> 1100%47.05%
APACHE II for 28-day mortality0.846 (0.743–0.948)> 487.50%76.47%
  1. AUROC Area Under Receiver-Operating Characteristic Curve, APACHE II Acute Physiologic Assessment and Chronic Health Evaluation II, qSOFA Quick Sequential Organ Failure Assessment score, MPI Mannheim Peritonitis Index