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Table 2 Prognostic performance of arterial lactate to predict 28-day mortality

From: Role of serial lactate measurement to predict 28-day mortality in patients undergoing emergency laparotomy for perforation peritonitis: prospective observational study

ParametersAUROC (95% CI)Best cut off (mol/L)SpecificitySensitivity
Preoperative arterial lactate for 28-day mortality0.865 (0.753–0.977)2.7589.58%76.47%
Arterial lactate after surgery for 28-day mortality0.884 (0.770–0.998)2.889.58%82.35%
Arterial lactate 24 h after surgery for 28-day mortality0.975 (0.935–1.000)2.4597.92%94.11%