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Table 1 Patients’ characteristics (n = 21)

From: Monitoring of muscle mass in critically ill patients: comparison of ultrasound and two bioelectrical impedance analysis devices

Age, years69 (59–74)
Gender (men), n (%)16 (76%)
Body mass index, kg/m2 (mean (SD))22.9 ± 3.8
APACHE II score28 (23–30)
ICU length of stay, days11 (9–25)
Duration of mechanical ventilation, days7 (5–18)
Hospital length of stay, days43 (26–117)
Mortality in the ICU, n (%)6 (29%)
ICU admission reasons
 Surgical, n (%)6 (29%)
 Non-surgical, n (%)15 (71%)
  1. Data were presented as median (IQR) unless otherwise indicated. SD standard deviation, APACHE Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation, ICU intensive care unit, IQR interquartile range