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Table 2 Description of intervention and control groups

From: Early versus delayed mobilization for in-hospital mortality and health-related quality of life among critically ill patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

ContentsStandardized protocolContentsStandardized protocol
Patman [14]Rehabilitation during the intubation periodNoNo rehabilitation during the intubated-
Schweickert [15]Early exercise and mobilizationYesUsual careNo
Brummel [16]Early once-daily PTYesUsual careYes
Kayambu [17]Early targeted physical rehabilitation programYesUsual careNo
Morris [18]Standardized rehabilitation therapyYesUsual careNo
Moss [19]Intensive PT programYesUsual careNo
Schaller [20]Early, goal-directed mobilizationYesUsual careYes
Dong Z [21]Rehabilitation beginning in ICUNoNo mobilization in ICU-
Hodgson [22]Early goal-directed mobilization algorithmYesUsual careNo
Maffei [23]Early and intensive rehabilitationYesUsual careNo
Moradian [24]Mobilization in POD1YesUsual careNo
  1. PT physiotherapy, ICU intensive care unit, POD post-operative day