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Table 4 Outcomes by multivariate analysis

From: Change in diaphragm and intercostal muscle thickness in mechanically ventilated patients: a prospective observational ultrasonography study

OutcomesChange in diaphragm thicknessChange in intercostal muscle thickness
Decreased thickness vs. unchangedIncreased thickness vs. unchangedDecreased thickness vs. unchangedIncreased thickness vs. unchanged
Duration of mechanical ventilation, day4.19 (2.14–7.93)*2.38 (1.08–5.29)†2.87 (1.53–5.21)*1.71 (0.79–3.81)
Length of ICU stay, day3.44 (1.77–6.45)*1.99 (0.92–4.39)2.58 (1.39–4.63)*1.43 (0.66–3.16)
Length of hospital stay, day1.34 (0.66–2.60)0.89 (0.36–2.28)2.04 (1.06–3.81)†2.21 (0.94–5.61)
  1. Data are expressed as hazard ratio (95% confidence interval) with intervals not including zero considered as statistically significant. Cox regression analysis was used for the analysis, adjusted for age, sex, and APACHE II score
  2. ICU intensive care unit
  3. *p < 0.01
  4. p = 0.03