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Table 5 Background of research participation hospitals

From: Determinants of gait independence after mechanical ventilation in the intensive care unit: a Japanese multicenter retrospective exploratory cohort study

  Number of bed ICU system Number of ICU bed Patient to nurse ratio Dedicated physiotherapist Sedation protocol
A 740 Mandatory 26 2:1 Yes Yes
B 740 Mandatory 8 2:1 Yes No
C 592 Closed 12 1:1 No No
D 500 Closed 6 2:1 No No
E 464 Elective 32 2:1 Yes No
F 415 Open 8 2:1 No No
G 376 Mandatory 10 2:1 No No
H 464 Open 10 2:1 No No
  1. Closed, ICU physician decides therapeutic policy; Mandatory, ICU physician is involved in deciding treatment policy; Elective, ICU physician is mainly involved as a consultant; Open, each department of medicine determines its own treatment policy