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Table 3 Summary of RBC transfusions and pre-transfusion hemoglobin values

From: A retrospective observational analysis of red blood cell transfusion practices in stable, non-bleeding adult patients admitted to nine medical-surgical intensive care units

Variable All ICUs
Total RBC transfusion events, n 4632
 Mean number of transfusions per admission 2.0
Total volume of RBCs transfused, mL 1,356,695
 Mean number of RBC units per transfusion 1.0
Overnight transfusions (between 19:00 and 7:00), n (%) 2120 (45.8)
Transfusions with hemoglobin measurements ≤ 24 h, n (%) 4487 (96.9)
 Mean number of hours pre-transfusion (SD) 6.3 (5.3)
Mean pre-transfusion hemoglobin value, g/L (SD) 73.4 (9.2)