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Table 2 GRADE evidence profile to determine the accuracy of PCT and P-SEP when used to diagnose bacterial infection in adult critically ill patients

From: Diagnostic value of procalcitonin and presepsin for sepsis in critically ill adult patients: a systematic review and meta-analysis

  1. The GRADE approach results in an assessment of the quality of a body of evidence in one of four grades: high, moderate, low, or very low. For each outcome, the quality of evidence started at high, were downgraded by one level when there was a serious issue identified, and were downgraded by two levels when there was a very serious issue identified in each factor to judge the quality of evidence
  2. PCT procalcitonin, P-SEP presepsin, QoE quality of evidence
  3. 1)We downgraded all outcomes for risk of bias because all of the included studies presented an unclear or high risk of index test interpretation bias
  4. 2)We downgraded all outcomes for inconsistency because there were substantial heterogeneities among pooled results of sensitivity and specificity
  5. 3)We ranked the importance of all the four outcomes as critical