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Fig. 2

From: The western Japan chaotic rainstorm disaster: a brief report from Hiroshima

Fig. 2

a View of an area isolated by floodwater on the second day of the disaster. Water flooded the roads (white arrow), and many elderly and young children living in houses built on the mountain slopes were stranded in the isolated area, unable to cross the flooded zone (striped arrows). b View under a land bridge of a road destroyed by landslides, taken by the unmanned aerial vehicle (PHANTOM4 Pro, DJI JAPAN Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan, flown by skilled drone operators). The clear visualization of the road damage (white arrows) was useful for planning the access to the isolated area across from the landslide. The high-definition video data were transmitted to the disaster management team by 4-GB live streaming using commercially available software. c Drone footage of an isolated hospital (striped arrow) and the road damaged by landslides (white arrows). This hospital was unable to provide information regarding the structural damage and loss of water, electricity, and gas supply

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