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Table 2 Summary for ongoing trials of driving pressure in ARDS patients

From: The future of driving pressure: a primary goal for mechanical ventilation?

Trial name (trial number) Trial design Primary Investigator (country) Intervention arm Control arm Primary outcome Phase (June 2018)
DRiving pressure for Optimization of Positive end-expiratory pressure (DROP) [ACTRN12618000554268] An uncontrolled clinical trial Stephan Francois (France) Decremental PEEP as part of standard care, where maximum PEEP for a plateau pressure < 30 cmH2O, then PEEP is set to 15, 10, and 5 cmH2O Not applicable Best PEEP level based on the best driving pressure value Recruiting
Does Automated Closed-Loop Ventilation Reduce the Driving Pressure Levels in Patients With ARDS (AiRDRoP) [NCT03211494] A randomized crossover clinical trial Marcus J Schultz (Netherlands) Automated closed-loop ventilation Conventional lung protective ventilation Transpulmonary driving pressure up to day 7 Recruiting
Driving Pressure Limited Ventilation for Patients With ARDS (ART2pilot) [NCT02365038] A multicenter randomized controlled pilot trial Alexandre B Cavalcanti (Brazil) A driving pressure limited mechanical ventilation strategy (driving pressure 13 cmH2O with adjusted tidal volume between 3 and 8 mL/kg of predicted body weight) The ARDS Clinical Network strategy (tidal volume between 4 and 6 mL/kg of predicted body weight with limited plateau pressure up to 30 cmH2O) Driving pressure between days 1 and 3 Recruiting