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Table 1 Comparison of Bouchama’s definition and the JAAM criteria for heat stroke

From: Heat stroke

  Bouchama’s definition JAAM criteria JAAM-HS-WG criteria
Environment Exposure to environmental heat (classic heat stroke) Exposure to high environmental temperature
Body temperature Core body temperature > 40 °C
Organ dysfunction Central nervous system Delirium, convulsions, or coma Impaired consciousness JCS ≥ 2, cerebellar symptoms, convulsive seizures GCS score ≤ 14
Coagulation Diagnosed as DIC by JAAM JAAM DIC score ≥ 4
Liver Follow-up after admission to hospital, hepatic or renal impairments requiring inpatient hospital care Creatinine or total bilirubin levels ≥ 1.2 mg/dL
  1. GCS Glasgow Coma Scale, JAAM Japanese Association of Acute Medicine, JAAM-HS-WG Japanese Association of Acute Medicine heat stroke committee working group, JCS Japan Coma Scale, DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation