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Table 1 Electrographic and pharmacologic course in the ICU

From: Transition from intravenous to enteral ketamine for treatment of nonconvulsive status epilepticus

Day Continuous EEG Clinical features GCS IV ketamine, mg/kg/h Oral ketamine, mg BID
1 1. 9 generalized electroclinical and subclinical seizures
2. Generalized slowing mixed delta and theta frequencies
Slightly confused 14 1.25 Not started yet
2 1. Diffuse frontal intermittent rhythmic delta activity
2. Diffuse amplitude suppression that was bihemispheric and occasional localized slowing in the left frontal and right occipital regions
3. No epileptiform activity or nonconvulsive status was noted during this portion of the record.
Alert and oriented 15 Weaned off from 1.25 to 0.75 50
3 1. Diffuse slowing and loss of the posterior-dominant rhythm, monorhythmic frontal delta activity
2. Occasional sharp waves emanating from the right frontal and paracentral region
Alert and oriented 15 0.75 100
4 Same as day 3, with decreased frequency of sharp waves in the frontal region Alert and oriented 15 Weaned off from 0.75 to 0.5 200
5 Discontinued Alert and oriented 15 Stopped 250
  1. BID twice a day, EEG electroencephalography, GCS Glasgow Coma Scale score