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Table 3 Interval between enteral nutrition interruption and start of procedure

From: Interruption of enteral nutrition in the intensive care unit: a single-center survey

Reasons for enteral nutrition interruptiona Time, median (IQR), hours
Total 1.2 (0.3–3.7)
Airway manipulationb 3.9 (1.8–5.8)
T-piece trial 2.3 (2.0–2.3)
Tracheostomy 5.8 (4.0–9.3)
Surgery 6.2 (0.5–9.8)
Intermittent dialysis 0.3 (0.0–0.6)
Procedure outside of ICU 0.6 (0.3–0.7)
ICU procedure 1.3 (0.5–2.5)
Physical therapy 0.0 (0.0–0.5)
  1. aDetailed explanation of each category is documented in the text
  2. bPatients in whom the ventilator weaning and tracheal extubation attempt failed, or patients where clinical load did not allow extubation were not included in this category
  3. IQR interquartile range, ICU intensive care unit