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Table 1 Baseline characteristics of study patients (N = 100)

From: Interruption of enteral nutrition in the intensive care unit: a single-center survey

Characteristic Value
Age, mean (SD) 66.7 (14.4)
Male gender, N (%) 63 (63.0)
APACHE II score, mean (SD) 21.8 (6.8)
Intubated (endotracheal) patients at time of study inclusion, N (%) 95 (95.0)
ICU length of stay, median (IQR) (days) 17.1 (8.0–22.0)
Diagnosis, N
 Cardiovascular surgery 57
 Surgical 6
 Neurosurgical 2
 Medical 35
Total episodes of EN interruption, N 567
 Episodes in endotracheally intubated patients, N (%) 515 (90.8)
Number of EN interruptions per patient, median (IQR) 3.0 (1.0–5.3)
Caloric deficit of daily caloric goal due to EN interruptions, % 11.5
EN interruption orders documented, % 12.0
EN resumption orders documented, % 8.0
Number of patients with a feeding tube placed post-pyloric region 11
Number of patients given prokinetic agents 34
  1. APACHE II Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation II, SD standard deviation, IQR interquartile range, EN Enteral nutrition, ICU Intensive Care Unit