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Table 1 ᅟ

From: The role of contact system in septic shock: the next target? An overview of the current evidence

Author, year of publication Subject studied Intervention Main outcomes analyzed Results Reported drug adverse effects
Pixley et al. 1993 [13] Baboons injected with Escherichia coli C6B7, an antibody to FXII Mortality, reversible hypotension, and DIC Null hypothesis rejected for mortality and reversible hypotension, but not DIC None reported
Ridings et al, 1995 [14] Porcine models injected with Pseudomonas aeruginosa NPC 17731, a B2R antagonist SAP, SVRI, CI arterial pH Significant improvement in SAP, SVRI, and artery pH comparing to septic control, but not in CI None reported
Shin et al, 1996 [15] Rats injected with Pseudomonas elastase Soybean trypsin inhibitor (a kallikrein inhibitor) Hypotension Hypotension response completely abolished in treatment group None reported
Fein et al. 1997 [16] Humans with sepsis and evidence of dysfuntion of two or more organs Deltaband, a B2R antagonist Mortality and APACHE III score No difference in overall mortality or APACHE scores, but significant improvement among gram-negative sepsis patients No increase in adverse effects compared to placebo. No other safety concern noted
Caliezi et al. 2002 [19] Humans with severe sepsis or septic shock C1-inhibitor Mortality and organ dysfunction No improvement in mortality, but significant attenuation in the degree of renal dysfunction None reported
Barratt-Due et al. 2011[20] Porcine models injected with Neisseria meningitidis Icatiband, aB2R antagonist Mortality and physiological parameters No significant difference between the studied groups None reported
Murugesan et al. 2016 [21] Rats with polymicrobial severe sepsis (induced by cecal ligation and puncture) BI113823, a B1R antagonist Mortality and physiological parameters Significant improvement in overall mortality and many physiological parameters None reported
  1. Summary of studies which used pharmacological interventions targeting the contact system and their results. [FXII Factor XII, DIC disseminated intravascular coagulation, SAP systemic arterial pressure, SVRI systemic vascular resistance index, CI cardiac index, B2R bradykinin-2-receptor, B1R bradykinin-1-receptor]