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Table 1 Interventions to patients in each type of resuscitation strategy

From: Permissive hypotension/hypotensive resuscitation and restricted/controlled resuscitation in patients with severe trauma

Type of resuscitation strategy Interventions to patients Major clinical trials focusing on the concepts
Permissive hypotension, Hypotensive resuscitation To titrate and control the blood pressure less than normal range Dutton et al. 2002, Morrison et al. 2011
Restricted resuscitation, Controlled resuscitation To limit the volume of fluid to be administered Brown et al. 2013, Schreiber et al. 2015
Delayed resuscitation To restrict the fluid resuscitation until admission to the hospital (Early resuscitation is opposite term that means to initiate fluid resuscitation from pre-hospital setting) Bickel et al. 1994, Sampalis et al. 1997, Turner et al. 2000