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Fig. 3

From: Monitoring the coagulation status of trauma patients with viscoelastic devices

Fig. 3

ROTEM results in patients with various hematologic abnormalities. a The result of lower clot amplitude in EXTEM indicates platelet deficiency or fibrinogen deficiency or both. The normal result in FIBTEM indicates platelet deficiency. b The results of lower clot amplitude in EXTEM and decreased clot amplitude in FIBTEM indicate fibrinogen deficiency. c Reduced clot firmness after reaching the MCF indicates the influence of fibrinolysis, and reduced clot firmness by more than 15% from the MCF in EXTEM and FIBTEM but no change in clot firmness after MCF in APTEM indicates hyperfibrinolysis. d CT is prolonged in INTEM but does not change or is shorter in HPTEM, and the influence of heparin should be considered

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