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Table 1 Comparison of Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale and University of Michigan Sedation Scale

From: Validity of the Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale (RASS) in critically ill children

Richmond Agitation-Sedation Scale University of Michigan Sedation Scale
Score Term Description Score Term Description
4 Combative Overtly combative or violent; immediate danger to staff    
3 Very agitated Pulls on or removes tube(s) or catheter(s) or has aggressive behavior toward staff    
2 Agitated Frequent nonpurposeful movement or patient-ventilator dyssynchrony    
1 Restless Anxious or apprehensive but movements not aggressive or vigorous    
0 Alert and calm   0 Awake and alert  
−1 Drowsy Not fully alert, but has sustained (more than 10 s) awakening, with eye contact, to voice 1 Minimally sedated Tired/sleepy, appropriate response to verbal conversation and/or sound
−2 Light sedation Briefly (less than 10 s) awakens with eye contact to voice  
−3 Moderate sedation Any movement (but no eye contact) to voice 2 Moderately sedated Somnolent/sleeping, easily aroused with light tactile stimulation or a simple verbal command
−4 Deep sedation No response to voice, but any movement to physical stimulation 3 Deeply sedated Deep sleep, arousable on with significant physical stimulation
−5 Unarousable No response to voice or physical stimulation 4 Unarousable Unarousable
  1. From Sessler et al. [8] and Malviya et al. [10]