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Fig. 9 | Journal of Intensive Care

Fig. 9

From: Lung ultrasound—a primary survey of the acutely dyspneic patient

Fig. 9

Features of consolidation. a Small consolidations appearing as subpleural defects (arrow). Ring-down artifacts or B-lines are also present (asterisks) b Wedge-shaped hypoechoic consolidations with trapped air within (thin arrow) and shred sign (thick arrow). A normal looking pleural line (open arrow head) and a thickened uneven pleural line (arrowhead) are shown. c A larger consolidation showing shred sign (thick arrow) and air bronchogram (thin arrow). Because this occurs at the lung base, the diaphragm (dotted arrow) is shown and hence the curtain sign is loss. d A lobar consolidation at the lung base showing air bronchogram (thin arrow), diaphragm (dotted arrow), and spine sign (arrowhead)

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