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Table 1 Interpretation of lung ultrasound

From: Clinically integrated multi-organ point-of-care ultrasound for undifferentiated respiratory difficulty, chest pain, or shock: a critical analytic review

Location Normal findings Abnormal findings
Chest wall Hypoechoic intercostal muscle and echoic ribs with acoustic shadow Subcutaneous emphysema (E-lines)
Pleural line Lung sliding Lung point
Lung pulse Pleural line abnormalities
• Irregular
• Thickened
• Fragmented
Supleural space A-linesa Multiple B-lines (3 or more per intercostal space) consolidation pleural effusion
Few or no B-lines (2 or less per intercostal space)
  1. aA-lines can also be seen in pathologic situation, such as a pneumothorax, though without lung sliding in this case