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Table 4 Comparison of cerebral saturation between septic and surgical patients

From: Decreases in cerebral saturation in patients with septic shock are associated with increased risk of death: a prospective observational single center study

Parameter Septic Surgical p value
Number of patients with desaturations 12/15 9/30 < 0.01
Percent time below SctO2 threshold 2.2 [0.9–10.9] 0 [0.0–8.8] 0.03
AUT/h 3.1 [0.3–14.5] 0.0 [0.0–6.9] 0.04
  1. Septic patients had decreases in their SctO2 more frequently and of a greater magnitude than surgical patients. Data are presented as median [interquartile range]. The number of patients with desaturations was compared using Fisher’s exact test, while percent time and AUT/Hr differences were compared with Mann-Whitney U test
  2. Percent time percentage of time spent below an SctO2 of 65 %
  3. AUT area under threshold (% min−1 hr−1)