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Table 1 Toll-like receptor ligands

From: Alert cell strategy in SIRS-induced vasculitis: sepsis and endothelial cells

TLR subtype PAMPs DAMPs
TLR1 (w/TLR2) triacyl lipoprotein n.d.
TLR2 Lipoproteins (w/TLR1), triacyl lipoprotein (w/TLR6), diacyl lipoprotein, LTA, zymosan (w/TLR6) HMGB1, HSPs, ECM
TLR4 LPS, viral envelop proteins HMGB1, HSPs, ECM, Ox-phospholipids, β-defensin 2 (w/TLR6) Amyloid-β, Ox-LDL
TLR5 Flagellin n. d.
TLR6 (w/TLR2) diacyl lipoprotein, LTA, zymosan (w/TLR2) HMGB1, HSPs, ECM
mTLR7/hTLR8 ssRNA ssRNA (immune complex)
TLR9 DNA, hemozoin DNA (immune complex)
TLR10 Unknown n. d.
TLR11 Profilin-like molecule, Uropathogenic bacteria n. d.
  1. n. d. no data