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Table 2 Doses of each DOAC for approved indications in Europe, the USA, and Japan

From: Profiles of direct oral anticoagulants and clinical usage—dosage and dose regimen differences

  VTE prevention (V) SPAF (S) (S)/(V) daily dose ratio
Dose Area Dose Area
Dabigatran 220 mg OD EU 150 mg BID
110 mg BID
EU, JP 1–1.4
150 mg BID US
Rivaroxaban 10 mg OD EU, US 20 mg OD EU, US 2
15 mg OD JP
Apixaban 2.5 mg BID EU 5 mg BID EU, US, JP 2
Edoxaban 30 mg OD JP 60 mg OD
30 mg OD
EU, US, JP 2
  1. The dose for edoxaban for SPAF has not yet been confirmed, though results of 30- and 60-mg administrations have been reported in phase III studies
  2. OD once daily, BID twice daily, EU Europe, US United States of America, JP: Japan