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Fig. 5

From: Traumatic brain injury: pathophysiology for neurocritical care

Fig. 5

Effect on cerebral blood flow caused by augmentation of PaCO2. A male in his 30s suffered a traffic accident. Initial CT scan demonstrated acute subdural hematoma. Increased PaCO2 could stimulate the vasodilation cascade in the brain. As a result of an increase in PaCO2, the brain vasculature goes through vasodilation, with a subsequent increase in cerebral blood flow (and cerebral blood volume), leading to increased ICP. Physicians would be able to detect this from increased SjO2 in the clinical setting. Resp. respiration, SAP systemic arterial pressure, ICP intracranial pressure, SjO 2 jugular bulb oxygen saturation, CPP cerebral perfusion pressure. Data were obtained from brain injury patient monitored at our hospital in the 1990s

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