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Table 1 Dynamic methods for the detection of FR

From: Fluid responsiveness in acute circulatory failure

Parameter Cut-off value (%) Evidence Limitations
SPV [6, 16, 2023] NA Cohort Affected by airway and pleural pressure [17]
PPV [6, 2429] 13 Meta-analysis Needs special monitor; needs arterial line
SVV [6, 30, 3235] 14 Cohort Needs either arterial line (plus special monitor) or esophageal Doppler
SOI [31] 11 Cohort Needs esophageal Doppler
POP [36] 9.5–15 Meta-analysis Needs special pulse oximeter
PVI [36, 37] 9.5–15 Meta-analysis Needs Masimo device
IVC variation [3841] 12–21 Meta-analysis Needs ultrasound; difficult in abdominal surgical cases; cannot be used intraoperatively
SVC variation [4042] 29–36 Cohort Needs trans-esophageal echocardiography
IJV variation [44, 45] 18 Cohort Needs ultrasound
Subaortic VTI [47] NA Animal study Needs echocardiography; needs good operator experience; not tried in humans yet
Aortic velocity variation [48, 49] 12–18 Cohort Needs echocardiography or esophageal Doppler
Carotid velocity variation [50, 51] 11–14 Cohort Needs ultrasound
  1. SPV systolic pressure variation, PPV pulse pressure variation, SVV stroke volume variation, SOI stroke output index, POP pulse oximetry plethysmographic waveform amplitude, PVI Plethysmographic variability index, IVC inferior vena cava, SVC superior vena cava, IJV internal jugular vein, VTI velocity time integral, NA not available