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Figure 2

From: Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for acute respiratory distress syndrome

Figure 2

Changes of O 2 supplied by ECMO. Oxygen supplied by ECMO (VO2 ECMO) is shown in an adult ARDS patient with H1N1 influenza. The amount of oxygen supplied decreases after the 30th day, indicating recovery of lung function. (Reproduced from Ref. [9]). VO2 ECMO is calculated as follows: ECC [l/min] × 1.39 [mlO2/gHb] × Hb [g/dl] × 10 × (outSaO2 − inSvO2), where ECC is extracorporeal circuit flow, outSaO2 is the saturation of arterialized blood in the returning circuit, inSvO2 is the venous blood saturation in the draining circuit, and Hb is the haemoglobin. The coefficient 1.39 (mlO2/gHb) denotes the O2 content (ml) per 1 g of haemoglobin.

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