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Table 2 Culture tests performed on the 1st day in the ICU

From: A validation of presepsin levels in kidney dysfunction patients: four case reports

  Oral cavity Urine Sputum Blood
Case 1
 Isolated bacteria Corynebacterium striatum (106) Escherichia coli (106) None Nonea
Case 2
 Isolated bacteria Corynebacterium striatum (106) None None None
Case 3
 Isolated bacteria Neisseria species (107) None None None
Streptococcus species (106)    
Case 4
 Isolated bacteria Streptococcus species (106) None None None
Neisseria species (106)    
Micrococcus species (106)    
  1. aE. coli was isolated (4 days later) by both venous blood sample and arterial blood sample.