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Table 3 Cases administered with antivenom

From: Clinical characteristics of redback spider bites

Case Age Gender Symptoms Reason for administration Premedication Adverse effect Clinical effect
1 6 M Localized N/A Antihistamine None N/A
2 14 M Systemic Systemic symptoms (numbness on the abdomen) Antihistamine None Pain relief
3 36 M Systemic Systemic symptoms (headache) None Flushing on the face Pain relief
4 59 F Systemic Systemic symptoms (systemic pain, dizziness, nausea) Epinephrine None Symptoms relief
5 68 F Localized Patient’s wish Antihistamine None N/A
6 87 F Systemic Systemic symptoms (severe systemic pain) None None Pain relief
  1. N/A not applicable.