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Table 1 Study groups and design

From: Basic life support training for single rescuers efficiently augments their willingness to make early emergency calls with no available help: a cross-over questionnaire survey

  Study groups
Type of instruction For multiple rescuers For single rescuer
Type of scenarios in questionnaires
 Pre-training questionnaires Scenario-M Scenario-S Scenario-M Scenario-S
 Post-training questionnaires Scenario-S Scenario-M Scenario-S Scenario-M
Study terms
 In central regions 2010.7.1–2010.9.30 2010.10.1–2010.12.31 2011.1.1–2011.3.31 2011.4.1–2011.6.30
 In non-central regions 2011.1.1–2011.3.31 2011.4.1–2011.6.30 2010.7.1–2010.9.30 2010.10.1–2010.12.31
  1. Scenario-M, in cases with multiple rescuers; Scenario-S, in cases with a single rescuer.