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Table 1 Claimed advantages and disadvantages of colloid solution versus crystalloid solution

From: Pros and cons of tetrastarch solution for critically ill patients

Solution Advantages Disadvantages
Colloids Smaller infused volume Renal dysfunction (dextran > HES > albumin)
Prolonged increase in plasma volume Coagulopathy (older HES > tetrastarch > albumin)
Less peripheral edema Pulmonary edema (capillary leak syndrome)
Endothelial protection Pruritis (HES, dextran > albumin)
Anaphylaxis (dextran > HES > albumin)
Greater cost (albumin > other synthetic colloids)
Crystalloid Lower cost Short-term increase in intravascular volume
Greater urinary flow Short-term hemodynamic improvement
Interstitial fluid replacement Interstitial fluid accumulation
  1. Modified from reference [3].