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Table 6 Multivariate logistic regression model analyzing various risk factors for development of thrombocytopenia in 304 patients

From: Thrombocytopenia in adult patients with sepsis: incidence, risk factors, and its association with clinical outcome

Variable Odds ratio 95% confidence interval P value
APACHE III score 0.99 0.98–1.02 0.9
Lactate 1.59 1.1–2.47 0.02*
Albumin 0.66 0.25–1.74 0.4
Creatinine 1.07 0.78–1.51 0.6
Vasopressor duration 1.02 1.00–1.03 0.02*
Acute kidney injury (RIFLE stage ‘injury’ or more) 1.43 0.47–4.31 0.5
  1. ICU, intensive care unit; APACHE, Acute Physiology, Age, and Chronic Health Evaluation; RIFLE, risk of renal dysfunction, injury to the kidney, failure of kidney function, loss of kidney function and end-stage kidney disease. *Significant P values.